Monday, March 5, 2012

A Finish!!

Before I dive into the fun, I have to share a funny story. I've been so excited to receive comments from so many wonderful quilters. They are all very encouraging, especially for this new blogging adventure! I've replied to all (yikes, with the exception of one that I need to remedy) least, I thought I had replied. Silly me didn't realize that some were 'no reply' comments, so even though my email allowed me to send replies, several of them are floating in blogland. Oops!! ;) So, if you'd like a reply, please be sure to leave your email address, and I in turn will make sure I check for the essential 'no reply.' Haha!

So, Jennifer over at Ellison Lane Quilts has been hosting a Mini Quilt Challenge Contest this month. I only learned about it this week (I am often not up on everything in blogland--there is so much inspiration out there!), and knew it was the perfect nudge I needed to finish something up that I started too long ago. Last fall I was inspired by this post over at Stitched in Color. I grabbed my solids, picked up a few more at my LQS, and got to work. I didn't have time to make any of the deadlines, so I let my project become a neglected WIP. Fast forward to this week, and I am happy to say I finished and LOVE it! Ironically, even though I took photos earlier today, I didn't have a chance to sit down to write my post until four minutes after the deadline. Definitely a bummer, definitely typical of me (I am not an on-time all), but I really am still happy to have finished. So, without further ado, here is what I have dubbed, Solids Squared.

Solids Squared

Though this is actually a pillow cover, I have learned recently that a mini can be made into anything. Mini quilts have no place in my house for now, though I do want them in my future sewing room (too bad, right? It actually looks wonderful on my kitchen wall, don't you think?), but pillows are easier to work in. This particular one doesn't actually work in my house, but the point is I was inspired, I tried something out, had fun, and it will be finding a new home with a friend very soon.

It measures about 17" square and includes 16 different Kona cotton solids and one Moda Bella solid (a dark brown that I bought a few years ago). The Konas are ash, stone, curry, raisin, petal, plum, slate, papaya, mango, yarrow, corn yellow, sage, olive, caribbean, teal blue, and snow (border). I think those are all correct, at least as well as I can tell from my Kona color card. ;)


The back has an envelope closure with four large buttons. The fabric I used is Buttoned Up in plum from Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks line (one of my favorites). It might be hard to tell, but the outer border and binding is Kona raisin, a deep purple that I have enjoyed sewing with in a couple of projects this past year.

Solids Squared Back

The front is quilted in a diagonal through the blocks with a grey Gutterman thread, and in matching thread colors for each of the borders. I'm so pleased with how it turned out, and even more pleased that it is now crossed off the list!

Solids Squared Pillow

I hope your week is off to a great start as well!


  1. YAY! It's finished!! Great job Jen! It is truly beautiful! Makes me want to pull out my solids (and add some more!)and see what happens! I love it.

  2. This is such a great design for a pillow! Love all those solid colours together and the fabric you have used on the back too.

  3. What a gorgeous pillow!! I'm so bad at picking out solids, you have done a fabulous job at it!! I love how "rich" the colors are together! So sad you didn't make the deadline. I think there were 240 entries!! I'm afraid my mini will get lost in the crowd anyway.:)

  4. Yay! The pillow is complete!

  5. Such a pretty look. Solids postage stamps. Hm....

  6. This pillow is beautiful Jen! I love the colors you used. The back is super cute too! I'm sure your friend will be very happy to receive it! :)

  7. OMG! You finished it!!!! It looks so great! SUPER great against your yellow wall... but not as great as it did in person! please say i am that friend, please say i am that friend, please say i am that friend.....